Rubén Torras Llorca



From ice to fire.
From the improbable to the possible.
From routine to fantasy, from reality to fiction.
Kilometres, frozen coordinates, immeasurable heights.
A flashback that confronts the wisdom of a blank desert, The speaking of silence during the journey.
The trace of our ancestors and everyday life,
An incessant cold interrupted by a chromatic warmth,
Sometimes more primitive, sometimes more dreamlike and surreal.
A time machine, also a machine to inhabit.
A journey to the north where the south is always latent. An exploration, a discovery.
A dialogue, a constant debate.
A contradiction, a possibility.
Scenarios that are built by mixing the natural with the artificial, the neat and plain of the intangible to a plasticity of the material. Reinvented worlds.
Where all the elements, however antagonistic they may seem, never cease to coexist and converse.
No matter how high the peak ,
it doesn’t matter how extensive the surface to be covered is.
The importance is in every step, in every choice.
This work shows the incessant search on the path of being, and all the opposite poles that are presented in it.

Haidy Blanch, 2015.

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